Small Appliances

Toast + Oven

Enjoy cafe-quality meals at home. Baking, broiling, grilling, or toasting, you can cook up a storm with our products.

Coffee + Tea

“Never underestimate the importance of being properly caffeinated.” Make delicious and luxurious hot drinks to start your day.

Food Prep

Prepping has never been so safe and easy! Save time and kitchen prep with these high-quality small appliances which you can use for slicing, mincing, blending, or mixing your ingredients.

Cook + Fry

Need extra space to cook or want to reduce a massive amount of fat and calories in your meals? Cooking has never been so fun, fast, and easy.

Make + Sizzle

Cook with passion, creativity, and love. We offer excellent solutions for every home.

Irons + Steamers

Taking care of your clothing is the simplest way to ensure it lives a long life. Our irons and hand steamers treat your garments with the utmost care while providing a pressed-from-the-dry-cleaner look.